Resources for the teaching of kinematics and other topics related to classical Newtonian theory, at the school and freshman levels.
Note that only resources related to the teaching of the basic applications of mechanics (in general at the freshman (1st year of university under the US system) level or below) will be accepted in this category.

Specifically, advanced courses on Classical Mechanics will not be covered in this category. These sites will be in Science: Physics: Classical Mechanics: Courses. Whilst it is very difficult to give a careful delineation, courses with a major focus in the use of the following theorems or mathematical techniques should in general be listed there:

  • Hamilton''s principle of least action; Euler-Lagrange equations
  • Fictitious forces in rotating frames of motion
  • Normal mode formulation and the use of matrix techniques for solving equations of motion
  • as well as more advanced topics or other topics of similar level that are not listed here.