Imaging science is the discipline that combines computer-based imaging techniques with a variety of data acquisition tools to increase the range of properties that scientists can observe.
The generic issues of imaging science include image-data acquisition; image reconstruction and processing; image recording and distribution; image display, analysis, and evaluation; human vision; and the mental processes involved in observation.

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This is a listing of organizations that are associated with imaging services. They are non profit organizations as university and government or federal associations or committees that have been assembled to set standards for methods and techniques in Imaging Science.
Names of companies who manage, test, and handle the imaging services.
Information on systems designed to read vehicles' license/number plate information, as well as sites for organizations and companies active in this field. Major application areas for these systems include:
  • Parking garage and tolling systems
  • Law enforcement (often including some form of speed monitoring as well)
  • Site security systems
A complete system usually includes optical hardware (which may be handheld, mobile, or stationary) as well as image processing software.