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ActiveX and .Net components for statistical analysis. Most components come in the form of (visual) ActiveX controls.
This category collects statistics software that can be run as add-in for Excel, usually an xla file. If software comes in two versions (an add-in version and a stand alone version) it can be listed here.
This category contains statistics software that offers the ability to be integrated into Excel.
Statistics Software with emphasis on Multiple Regression analysis and Curve Fitting for Time Series and Cross Section Data. Various estimation methods fall into this category: Ordinary Least Squares, Maximum Likelihood, MC Simulation, Bootstrap, etc...
This category is for the S statistical programming language only. Links for the related languages S-Plus, R, and the unrelated languages S-Lang, and Slang are in their respective categories. New ones must be submitted thereto. Thank you.
S is a project of statistics research at Bell Labs since 1976. In 1998, S was the first statistical system to get the Software System Award, the top software award from the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM. S is a strongly functional, and object-oriented, highly extensible programming language, with a general interactive shell environment, extensive graphing abilities, a set of functions for mathematical and statistical manipulations and exploration of data sets, with more available in optional libraries/packages. It provides a variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time series analysis, classification, clustering, ...) and graphical techniques. It can display graphical representations of data from a custom command line, and easily output well designed, publishable plots, including mathematical symbols and formulae where needed. It has yielded two more popular implementations, S-Plus (commercial) and R (Open Source).
This category is for all web sites and pages related to SPSS statistical software also known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Main focus of the software has been historically focused on social behavior such as marketing and education research. Also includes information about the maker of the computer program of the same name.
Statistics Software with emphasis on Time Series Analysis.
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