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This category is for sites for research institutes in mathematics and its applications to or connections with other subjects. It is intended for institutes with a broad focus both geographically and in terms of subject, and which are established permanently or for the long term.

Please submit sites for institutes with a single specific subject focus which is dealt with in a subject subcategory of Science/Math into that subcategory, and otherwise into Science/Math/Research/Specialist_Groups.

Please submit short-term research networks to Science/Math/Research/Specialist_Groups as well.

Please submit university mathematics departments and institutes oriented to a specific region or country into the relevant subcategory of Science/Math/Academic_Departments.

Research institutes in mathematics and its applications and connections with other subjects.
Sites referring to open problems in mathematical research. Those referring to a specific area should be submitted to that category: there is also a recreational category.
Please submit single-subject groups to this category and larger multi-subject groups to Institutes_and_Networks.
Research groups in a specific area of Mathematics.
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