The sites in this category are related to competitions and mathematical Olympiads, but must also contain content of interest to those not involved in the competition.
Please submit sites that has informations pertinent to math competitions, such as contest rules and problem archives.
Mathematical contests that are open to students from more than one nation.
Please submit sites that contain current informations related to one or more international contests.
Math competitions that are open to all students in the country.
Online based competition without an official gathering for the event. Contestants usually obtain the contest problems from website and must submit the answers through mail or e-mail. The format of the contests range from annual to problem of the week contests.
Please submit only sites that directly offer an online-based competition.
Smaller competitions only available to specific schools, local areas, states, or provinces.
Please submit only sites dealing with local competitions. National or international competitions should be listed in the appropriate categories.
a crypography challenge found in the book "code book" by Singh. A large cash prize was given to the winner.