Factoring numbers is a concept learnt with the introduction of divisibility in schools, yet the process can be exceptionally challenging and difficult. This category addresses topics from the basic divisibility tests to perfection and the general problem of extracting prime factors.
Please submit sites relating to divisibility, factoring projects and status, methods and algorithms. Please note that factoring software should be submitted to Science/Math/Number_Theory/Software.
Elementary division rules enable you to quickly determine small factors of a given number. These rules are useful for reduction of fractions and for rapid determination of simple factors.
Sites in this category should be of an elementary nature, accessible to grade school students.
Properties based on the sum-of-divisors function s(n), including perfect and multiperfect numbers, aliquot sequences, amicable pairs and sociable chains.
Please submit sites whose primary focus is on perfect numbers or related topics only.
Factor tables of numbers of various forms.
Please submit links with numerical factor data only.