Calculators are devices that perform numerical operations, typically including the basic operations of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, but possibly going further to include evaluation of more advanced functions and even the ability to draw graphs. Calculators are distinguished from computers by the fact that their abilities are limited to a certain set of operations. But this line is becoming blurred as more advanced scientific calculators can perform computer algebra and can execute programs written in with own programming language.
Few sites will belong directly in this category, so please look for a more suitable sub-category or linked category to suggest your site to.
Online calculators are used to perform either simple or complex mathematical operations. These can be accessed online without having to download. They quite often use either JavaScript or Java code.
This category is for online calculators that perform mathematical operations.

This category does not includes online calculators that only convert from one unit of measurement to another.

Webpages about measurement conversions, including online conversion calculators should be submitted to the Units of Measurement category.