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Please submit sites dealing with the mathematics of error-control codes. Coding theory is not cryptography!
The mathematics of communications: entropy, information, channel capacity, Shannon's Theorems, coding and cryptography

MSC2000 categories
94A Communication, information
94B Theory of error-correcting codes and error-detecting codes

"Complex systems" concerns the nature and consequences of interactions and non-linearities in systems of many objects. It includes topics such as artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, evolutionary computation, fractals, parallel computation, self-organization."

"Complex systems" is an emerging field of science which generalises certain aspects of sociology, biology, physics and other traditional disciplines of science, as well as engineering, management, and medicine. It deals with systems composed of number of smaller units (complex particles) and studies their mutual interaction and their interaction with the system environment.

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This category is for site concerned with the mathematical theory of systems and their control.
In engineering and mathematics, control theory deals with the behaviour of dynamical systems over time. The desired output of a system is called the reference variable. When one or more output variables of a system need to show a certain behaviour over time, a controller tries to manipulate the inputs of the system to realize this behaviour at the output of the system.

As an example, consider cruise control. In this case, the system is a car. The goal of cruise control is to keep the car at a constant speed. Here, the output variable of the system is the speed of the car. The primary means to control the speed of the car is the amount of gas being fed into the engine.
Conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops dealing broadly with Applications of Mathematics.
Information theory has had a pervasive influence on a wide array of disciplines. Therefore, submissions to this category need not be directly related to information theory, though the influence of information theory on the submitted site should be clear.
Encyclopedia Britannica's says that "the chief concern of information theory is to discover mathematical laws governing systems designed to communicate or manipulate information. It sets up quantitative measures of information and of the capacity of various systems to transmit, store, and otherwise process information. Some of the problems treated are related to finding the best methods of using various available communication systems and the best methods for separating the wanted information, or signal, from the extraneous information, or noise". The study of information theory is also concerned with the definition of notion of information in a general sense and with a unified information theory that is supposed to contain all the statements of existing information theories.
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Applications and use of mathematics in the life sciences.
Mathematics applied to Chemistry
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Applications of mathematics to economics and finance

MSC 2000 classes

  • 91Bxx Mathematical economics
  • 62P05 Applications to actuarial sciences and financial mathematics
  • 62P20 Applications to economics
The application and use of mathematics in geology.
Applications of Mathematics to Psyschology: not the psychology of mathematicians!
Applications of Mathematics to Psyschology.
Sites of professional applied mathematics organizations, including national and international organizations.
Researchers in the Applications of Mathematics.
Books, journal, newsletters and other publications in the Applications of Mathematics.
Research groups in applications of mathematics.
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