Instruments and related products for measuring and detecting ionizing radiation or radiological dose, including companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell these devices. Producers and distributors of isotopes or radiological sources for lab or research purposes are not included, but may be found in Science/Instruments_and_Supplies/Isotopes. Instruments relying on radiation sources for purposes such as metrology and well-logging are included in categories related to the application for which the instrument is used, not here.
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Producers and distributors offering portable radiation monitoring equipment and personal dosimetry products including Geiger counters, environmental monitors, survey meters, Radon gas detection equipment, ratemeters, digital dosimeters, passive dosimeters, monitors for nuclear security applications, portal monitors; also sites offering advice and guidance on radiation monitoring using the above types of equipment.
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Producers and distributors offering radiation measurement equipment for scientific research and industrial applications. Products include semiconductor detectors, scintillation detectors, gas proportional counters, position-sensitive radiation sensors, pulse-processing electronics, multichannel analyzers, field-portable spectrometry equipment, nuclear medicine instrumentation, nuclear assay and decommissioning systems, detector components.
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