Environmental aspects of energy production and utilization. For information on renewable energy resources, see Science:Technology:Energy:Renewables. For information on energy efficiency and conservation, see Science:Technology:Energy:Conservation.
This category is for sites about the interaction of energy production and utilization with the environment.

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Emissions control covers all the technologies that are employed to reduce the air pollution-causing emissions produced by power stations, industrial companies and automobiles.
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Petroleum and petroleum distillates are ubiquitous environmental concerns. This category deals with the properties of petroleum and petroleum products, oil spills, underground storage tanks, and remediation of hydrocarbon contamination in various environmental settings.
This category is for informational sites. Sites about oil spill prevention, remediation, and cleanup products and services should be sent to Science/Environment/Products_and_Services/Spill_Containment_and_Prevention, which is listed here as a subcategory.