The effects and influences of climate change are transmitted through air, land, water, animal and plant life, and human health. Evidence of ecological impacts - gathered by observation, modeling and experimentation - is provided by indicators that measure things such as temperature, precipitation, storms, sea levels, atmospheric ozone, crop yields, human health, and the appearance, behavior and abundance of insects, birds, and animals in the wild. "Indicators are designed to provide clear signals about something of interest. Indicators communicate information about the status of things, and, when recorded over time, can yield valuable information about changes or trends. The values of an indicator over time can inform decisions about whether intervention is desirable or necessary, which of various interventions might yield the best results, and how successful interventions have been. Indicators therefore can and should guide policy and help direct research." Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources (CGER)
Please submit only sites that are devoted to assessing the effects and evidence (impacts and indicators) of climate change, on a global and regional scale, from a scientific perspective.

Sites that focus on the collection, interpretation and dissemination of data about the environment, or on devices for environmental sampling and monitoring, should be submitted to the appropriate category under: Environmental Monitoring.

Websites that describe the appearance, behavior and abundance of insects, birds and animals as scientific indicators of global change.
An ecosystem is a community of organisms and their physical environment interacting as an ecological unit. Examples include wetlands, forests, tundra, glaciers, prairies, and deserts. This category is for websites that describe the effects and influences of global change in ecosystems.
Websites that describe the appearance, behavior and abundance of plants (including vascular plants, nonvascular plants, fungi, lichens, etc.)as scientific indicators of global change.
Websites that describe the regional impacts and indicators of global change.