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Sites and categories about specific major earthquakes in history and their aftermath.
Please submit sites which deal specifically with earthquake preparedness. If the site contains information on preparedness for a variety of emergencies or natural disasters (not just earthquakes), please consider submitting it to: Science: Earth Sciences: Natural Disasters and Hazards: Preparedness If your site deals primarily with relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of a disaster, please consider submitting to: Society: Philanthropy: Organizations: Disaster Relief and Recovery
This category will include websites which specifically deal with earthquake preparedness. This can include websites of government agencies or non-profit org, as well as sites with tips and advice for personal and home safety.
Websites about specific major earthquakes and their aftermath are not listed in this category. See Past_Earthquakes.
Sites providing real-time and near-real-time reports on earthquakes and seismic shaking. Many sites also include archives of past seismic data.
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