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When submitting websites for this category, please be sure that the Data Center offers Geophysical products, such as gravity and magnetics data, airborne surveys, seismic, magnetotelluric and radiometric data. If the site also offers data or maps from other Geoscience disciplines, consider submitting to: Science/Earth_Sciences/Data_Centers
Geophysics data centers, usually government websites, that offer data downloads or ordering of publicly available, non-exclusive geophysical data and maps.
Products and services include all of the specialized apparatus, equipment, services and other things that scientific researchers, teachers, and engineers working in the field of Geophysics need in the course of their work.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. Submitting to an incorrect category may delay review of your site.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.
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