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Geodesy is the study of the size and shape of the Earth's surface and the creation of theoretical mathematical models of the surface that best fits the physical data.
GPS (Global Positioning System) consists of 24 satellites in orbit. With appropriate receiving equipment the system can be used to determine geographical co-ordinates such as position and height. There are many uses of GPS including navigation, mapping, surveying, and monitoring. This Open Directory Category is for GPS sites that relate to Geomatics, that is the study and measurement of the physical environment of the earth.
The Science: Earth Sciences: Geomatics: Land Surveying: Associations category contains Professional Land Surveying Organizations.

Submissions to this category are restricted to International organizations and United States organizations and Associations. If your organization does not meet this criteria please submit your site to the appropriate regional category.

Links to land surveying resources on the Internet.
The science of obtaining data about structures, objects and physical features of the earth through the processes of recording and interpreting photographs and other electromagnetic imagery.
Remote sensing is the gathering of information about an object without being in physical contact with the object, usually by methods that detect electromagnetic energy. Such observations are often made from spacecraft and aircraft.
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