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Only sites offering content specific to organic chemistry will be listed here.

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This category includes online databases that offer information specific to the field of organic chemistry.
Only directories specific to organic chemistry will be listed here. Directories offering information on multiple branches of chemistry should consider submitting to Science/Chemistry/Directories/.

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This category includes organic chemistry directories.
Please only submit sites that are organic chemistry specific.
This category contains listings of organic chemistry journals.
For sites relating to the naming of organic compounds.
There are separate categories for each branch of science. Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. Submitting to an incorrect category may delay review of your site.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Personal websites related to organic chemistry.
Process Research and Development work in organic chemicals spans a wide spectrum of industries - from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals. Process Research is done essentially by organic chemists. It involves developing better, cost-effective, environment-friendly and safe processes for molecules that come out of discovery research. Process Development involves optimizing chemical processes so that they are robust, repeatable and reproducible. This is essential to ensure problem-free scaling up from lab scale to pilot scale and then to commercial scale. This activity is the domain of chemical engineers. Though the functions of the chemists and chemical engineers seem distinct, in reality chemists and chemical engineers need to work in tandem. This section will include sites that are related to any aspect of Process research and process development. This will include various techniques used for process optimization - such as Design of Experiments, tools for creative process development - such as TRIZ, and other such areas.

Please do not suggest sites here unless they cater for laboratory scale.  The organic chemistry industry is primarily served by the Business: Chemicals: Basic Chemicals: Organic category.

This category is for sites specializing in supply of reagents, equipment and services for organic chemistry laboratories.

Please submit your site to the lettered subcategory that corresponds to the research groups name.

If the content of your site is not offered in English, then please submit to a suitable category in the proper language in World.

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This category contains sites from Organic and Natural Products Chemistry research groups.
Organic Chemistry tutorials, drills and such should be sent to Science/Chemistry/Software/Educational.
Software which is specific for Organic Chemistry. This includes:
  • Synthesis design.
  • Reaction prediction and mechanisms.
  • Organic nomenclature.
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