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This category links to categories with sites in which the topic is analysis of chemicals from living things. Nowadays, many of these analytes can be synthesized with out the need for a biological source.
The term is also used in cases where the analyte may be inorganic but the matrix is biological, such as iron in blood.
For cases of the presence of biological or inorganic contaminants in water, or effluent, see Environmental_Chemistry.

Chemometrics is the application of statistical and mathematical tools for multivariate analysis of chemical measurements.
This category lists sites involved in exploring patterns of association, tracking properties and producing models for classification of data from chemical analysis.

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Infrared spectroscopy is a technique used in molecular bond identification and characterisation, where atomic vibrations and rotations are exploited to produce a spectrum.

Mass Spectrometry is the technique in which the analyte is ionized, separated from its matrix and mixture components, according its mass–to–charge ratio (m/z}, and detected to determine the molecular weight of component isotopes.
Common Abbreviations:
ESI - ElectroSpray Ionization
FAB - Fast Atom Bombardment
ICP - Inductively Coupled Plasma
MALDI - Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization
MS/MS - Mass Spectrometry repeated, typically within an ion trap
TOF - Time Of Flight

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Category to link those categories related to commercial aspects of analytical chemistry. 

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