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The crocodilians are an order of large reptiles and include the alligator, crocodile, gharial and caiman families.
Tuataras (genus Sphenodon) are the only surviving members of the Order Rhynchocephalia, which was an abundant reptile group during the Mesozoic but largely disappeared in the Late Cretaceous. There are two recognized species of tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus and S. guntheri. Tuataras are found on relatively inaccesible islands off the coast of New Zealand. This endangered species was once widely distributed throughout New Zealand, but became extinct on the mainland before the arrival of European settlers.
Appropriate topics for this category include lizard taxonomy, biology, ecology, lizards in their natural habitats, and biological/laboratory studies.

Websites dealing with lizards as pets or captive care of lizards should be submitted to Recreation/Pets/Herp/Reptiles_and_Amphibians/Lizards for review.

Websites that offer sale of lizards or food items/supplies for the captive care of lizards should be submitted to Shopping/Pets/Reptiles_and_Amphibians under the appropriate sub-category.

This category is for sites about lizards. Sites about the scientific study of herpetology, including journals, organizations, etc., are listed in /

This Order includes lizards (Suborder Sauria), snakes (Suborder Serpentes), and worm lizards (Suborder Amphisbaenia).
Websites about keeping or caring for turtles in captivity, including pet turtles, should be submitted to .

Tributes to wild turtles, websites about watching turtles in the wild, and other websites devoted to a recreational appreciation of turtles should be submitted to .

Websites about the biology, morphology, phylogeny, classification, reproduction and biological conservation of reptiles included in the order Testudines: turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.
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