Family of bats consisting of only one species, the bumblebee bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai).
Family of sheath-tailed bats.
Family of bats, commonly known as the false vampire bats.
Family of bats, the free-tailed and mastiff bats.
Family of bats found in Central and South America.
Family of bats, the New Zealand short-tailed bats.
Family of bats containing only one genus, Myzopoda.
Family of bats found from Mexico to Brazil and the Caribbean islands, commonly known as the funnel-eared bats.
The New World leaf-nosed bats including sub-family Desmodontinae, the vampire bats.
Old world fruit-eating bats. The only family of the sub-order Megachiroptera.
Only submit sites and links relating to the sub-order Megachiroptera here. Includes the sub-families Macroglossinae, and Pteropodinae.
Horseshoe and roundleaf bats.
The largest family of bats which includes over 40 genera and over 300 species.