Order of approximately 500 species of amphibians, the salamanders. They are typically characterized by slender bodies, short noses, and long tails.
Ambystoma is the only genus in the Ambystomatidae family, the mole salamanders.
Amphiuma is the only genus in the family of aquatic salamanders, the Amphiumidae.
Family of aquatic amphibians found in brooks and ponds in the United States, China, and Japan.
Family of large salamanders, the Pacific Giant Salamanders, with only one genus, Dicamptodon.
Family of salamanders found in Asia and European Russia.
Family of salamanders, the lungless salamanders.
Proteidae is a family of aquatic salamanders, the mudpuppies or waterdogs.
Family of salamanders, the torrent or cascade salamanders, with only one genus, Rhyacotriton.
Family of salamanders consisting of true salamanders and newts.
Family of aquatic salamanders, the sirens.