There are about 35,000 species of spider worldwide. They are characterized by four pairs of legs and an unsegmented furry or polished "abdomen". They all produce a poison in their fangs that acts as a neurotoxin. They also produce silk from their spinnerets though not all build webs. They are predators, catch their prey in various ways, immobilize it with their venom and then suck out the body fluids.
These are the funnel-web weaving spiders.
Family of cribellate spiders.
These are the orb-web or wheel-web weaving spiders.
Family of atypical tarantulas or purseweb spiders.
Family of spiders.
Family of spiders.
Family of spiders commonly known as woodlouse hunters, sowbug-eating spiders or cell spiders.
Family of spiders, the crevice spiders.
Family of spiders commonly called the funnel-web tarantulas.
Family of spiders that includes the brown recluse.
Family of spiders, the wolf spiders.
Family of spiders.
Family of spiders, commonly known as cellar, vibrating or daddy long-legs spiders.
Family of spiders.
Jumping spiders. Distinguished from other spiders by the four large eyes on the face and four smaller eyes on top of the head. More than 5000 species worldwide.
Family of spiders, the Recluse Spiders.
Family of spiders.
Family of spiders.
Family of giant, hairy mygalomorph spiders commonly but erroneously known as tarantulas.
These are the cobweb-weaving spiders.