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Please try to find the most appropriate branch of biology and submit your site there.
Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
This category is for organizations which do not themselves conduct scientific research but aim to spread information about such research. They organize meetings, publish journals and provide research grants for scientists in the field.
Botanical Gardens and Arboreta are scientific institutions that acquire and maintain living collections of plants for the purposes of research and education. They perform the same function for plants as Zoos and Aquariums do for animals.

Typically, botanical gardens and arboreta must have a full-time scientific staff, an herbarium and library, and a catalogued collection of thousands of plants. Although botanical gardens and arboreta may also have a public viewing area, in which case they may be listed as well under Public Gardens, it is the presence of a viable research faculty using an herbarium or herbaria which distinguishes botanical gardens and arboreta from public gardens. This tends to make botanical gardens and arboreta larger in size and more dedicated to preservation of plant taxa than Public Gardens, however size or reputation are not the determining factors.

Bryology is the scientific study of Bryophytes - mosses, liverworts, and hornworts.
Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
This category contains sites about Dendrology which is the study of woody plants including trees, shrubs and lianas.
This category is for links to any campus or department related to Botany or Plant Sciences. Also, research institutes, labs, etc, which belong to that departments are welcome here too.
Please submit only sites relating to the scientific study of cultural plant use. Sites offering plants or seeds for sale should be submitted to the appropriate Shopping/Home and Garden/Plants or Home/Gardens/Plants category. Sites discussing the use of plants as healing agents should be submitted to Health/Alternative/Herbs or Health/Alternative/Folk Medicine, as appropriate.
Ethnobotany is the study of plants as they relate to or are used by specific cultures. Examples may include use as food or medicine, or for spiritual or agricultural purposes.
Although the web has sprouted many virtual herbaria, i.e. online collections of plant images, this category lists only institutions holding physical collections. Image galleries are listed in other areas of the directory, for example Home: Gardening: Image Galleries or the most appropriate subcategory of Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae.
A herbarium is a collection of preserved plants or plant parts, usually in a dried form. Most of them are connected to academic institutions. This category lists websites for herbaria around the world.
Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
This category is for sites on phenology, the study of the times of recurring natural phenomena, in particular, the time frame for any seasonal phenomena.
Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
This category is for sites about the scientific study of algae.
Professional and scientific organizations and societies related specifically to Plant Pathology may be submitted.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please only submit sites dealing with Plant Physiology conferences. Broader range conferences can be submitted to the Conferences category in Botany or Biology.
Physiology is concerned with the functioning of plants. This is largely interactions between plants and their environments. As such plant physiology bridges the gap between biochemistry and ecology.
This category is for websites dealing with botany-themed books, magazines, journals, and other publications.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.

If your site is about culture of plant cells, to express proteins and secrete natural products, rather than reproduce the entire organism, please submit to the Cell Culture category.
Where the plants have been used as the host for recombinant DNA of another species, such as in the production of non-glycosylated proteins, then the site should be submitted to a category linked in Biotechnology.

Sites providing information on the propagation of plants by cloning of small pieces of tissue, to generate whole plants, using growth medium, for subsequent transfer to nurseries or agricultural use, also known as micropropagation.

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