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This category is not for sites offering business development or product marketing advice.  Provided the information is on the site, please submit the site to a sub-category of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: Consulting instead.
(Duplicate submissions risk deletion).

Sites for individuals and companies that include scientific advice for biotechnological innovation.

Sites for companies that perform primarily established procedures that require commitment of a period of months or years, for a series of experiments, agreed by contract, for researchers, laboratories, institutes or companies in the areas of cloning, pilot scale production, and a combination of scientific and engineering services not available through Cell Biology or Molecular Biology alone.

Submit sites here only if they describe Biotechnology equipment spanning more than just Cell Biology or Molecular Biology.
If the scope extends beyond this field of science, then please submit the site to one of the related categories instead.
(Duplicate submissions risk deletion)

Sites describing technologically innovative equipment designed to facilitate cloning, growth and culture in vitro, including harvesting of secreted proteins or GM products, which are not exclusively for Cell Biology or Molecular Biology.

Category focusing on sites specializing in development, manufacture and distribution of chemicals and biological extracts used in research and clinical diagnostics.

Only submit your site here, if it describes an analytical laboratory offering more than one biological and chemical engineering parameter.  If the laboratory specializes in Environmental samples, submit it instead to Environmental Chemistry . . . Testing Services. There is a Food_Science . . . Testing Services category for those laboratories specialising in this field, but if the laboratory is specialized in genetic typing of food and its sources, please submit to the Biotechnology: Agriculture and Food . . . Testing Services category.

Sites for companies or core facilities in universities that have established procedures in place to perform tests on submitted samples, validate lines for culture or fermentation, identify, assay, analyze products of downstream processing, or aid research in biotechnological projects.  Note that where these tests are specifically to identify genetic profiles of food or its source living organism used in agriculture, then these sites should be found in Biotechnology: Agriculture and Food . . . Testing Services.

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