This category contains links to the homepage of scientific journals in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, which are not sufficiently specific to have appropriate topical categories.  The sites here should contain information how to subscribe to them, and information for authors wishing to publish in these journals.  Tables of contents, with search facilities for viewing abstracts are desirable.  Often the full text of articles is only available by subscription or 'pay to view' basis.

In two sentences, please summarize the contents of the site which distinguish it from others in this category, briefly without hyperbole.

If your site focuses on biochemical processes, including metabolism and enzymology, please submit to a subcategory of Metabolism instead.

If your site focuses more on structural aspects of biomolecules rather than biochemical processes, please submit to a subcategory of Biomolecules instead.

If your site focuses more on molecular genetics, processes within the nucleus, regulation of nucleic acids, or expression of RNA and proteins, please submit to a subcategory of Gene Expression instead.

Site focusing on intercellular receptor interactions, would normally be listed in a subcategory of Signal Transduction instead.

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