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Submit sites here only if they focus on components of blood, urine or other body extracts, such as measurement of enzyme activities related to health or pharmacological status, using chemical or bioanalytical techniques.
If the tests are for a broader range of analytes, please consider Bioanalytical Chemistry instead.

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This category specializes in sites related to analysis of bodily fluids to assess the clinical status, or metabolic pathways of new and established drugs.
Clinical Biochemistry, also known as clinical chemistry, includes chemical pathology.

Sites related to the structure of enzymes should be placed under Biomolecules: Proteins and Enzymes.
The chemical kinetics surrounding the operation of enzymes, or (mostly) protein molecules that act as catalysts for physiological reactions.

If your site focuses more on structural aspects of biomolecules rather than biochemical processes, please submit to a subcategory of Biomolecules instead.

If your site focuses on biochemical processes, within the nucleus, nucleases or regulation of nucleic acids, please submit to a subcategory of Gene Expression instead.

Site focusing on intercellular receptor interactions, would normally be listed in a subcategory of Signal Transduction instead.

Sites promoting Books are not normally listed in ODP unless there is substantial content; at least one sample chapter readable on the site.

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Sites for books, literature reviews, journals and newsletters, with contents primarily on metabolism or enzymology.

Please only submit your site here if it has relevant scientific content.

Sites maintained by academic researchers, group leaders and those providing technology for the commercial exploitaion of both anabolic and catabolic processes.

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