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Sites for proteins that have not required genetically modified organisms, or cell-free expression systems should be submitted to the Business . . Proteins category.
Sites exclusively about proteins for biotherapeutic or other medical use should be submitted to links or a sub-category of Biopharmaceuticals.

Sites representing the manufacture of proteins that have been derived from genetically modified organisms, or from cell-free expression systems.
In general this refers to all sequences in excess of those that can be manufactured from constituent Amino_Acids, and in quantities exceeding those generated by chemical means alone; Peptide Synthesis.
Sites in this category may offer research and development at the level of genetic modification of a host cell, through pilot scale production and purification, to marketing scale.

This category is for companies or core facilities in academic or research institutions, that analyisis intact proteins, for a fee.
If the service only analyses proteins once they have been digested or cleaved into peptides or fragmented proteins, then please submit to the Bioanalytical_Chemistry: Peptidescategory instead.
If the site is primarily for a research laboratory, and there are details of projects on the site, then the site may qualify for a category linked from Research Groups instead.
(Duplicate submissions risk deletion.)

Sites for laboratories that offer specific technique-based services, involving the identification and/or quantification of proteins, to the scientific community for a fee.

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