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Sites promoting Books are not normally listed in ODP unless there is substantial content; at least one sample chapter readable on the site.

Sites for books, literature reviews, journals and newsletters, with contents primarily on the structural aspects of proteins, and their structure activity relationships.

Sites for proteins that have not required genetically modified organisms, or cell-free expression systems should be submitted to the Business . . Proteins category.
Sites exclusively about proteins for biotherapeutic or other medical use should be submitted to links or a sub-category of Biopharmaceuticals.

Please submit only websites that have English language content. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Proteomics is the study of the proteome, the entire complement of proteins expressed by a genome, cell, tissue or organism. A cellular proteome is the collection of proteins found in a particular cell type under a particular set of environmental conditions. An organism's complete proteome is the complete set of proteins from all of the various cellular proteomes.
This category includes sites that relate to the details and methods for determining the structure of proteins.
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