This category classifies sites according to the molecules of primary interest. These molecules differ from Organic Chemicals in that they were discovered from their synthesis within living cells. Originally these would be extracted from plants or animals. Many biomolecules can now be produced synthetically from simple chemicals; sugars, amino acids, steroids or drugs that mimic their effects.

More often the term biomolecule, applies to macromolecules which are polymers of
sugars: oligosaccharides
amino acids: peptides and proteins
nucleotides: oligonucleotides, DNA and RNA
Sites primarily covering translocation of DNA and translation of RNA, may be found in Gene_Expression
For sites on the role of cyclic nucleotides and phosphoinositols in their biochemical role, see Signal_Transduction
Steroids and Prostaglandins are currently included in Carbohydrates_and_Lipids.

Please submit to the most appropriate sub-category

Sites without scientific content, but intended to promote reagents should be submitted to Reagents and Kits,
those promoting sales of Biochemicals should be submitted to Chemicals: Biochemical.

Sites which describe the three dimensional structure of oligonucleotides,
such as Ribonucleic acids RNA and deoxyribonucleic acid DNA
in their natural state and in interactions with other molecules.
This category deals with cytobiology;
protein interactions at the cellular level, such as cytoplasm or organelles
in contrast to those at the nuclear level,
which are dealt with in Gene Expression.
The established pathways, also known as Enzymology, are currently dealt with in the Metabolism category
However, structural aspects are included in Proteins and Enzymes: Structure.
where there are also links about the enzymes of transcription and translocation.
Whereas intracellular events related to cytoplasm are contained in this category,
intercellular events effecting membrane, signaling mechanisms and second messengers,
should be found in Cell_Biology,
or perhaps Developmental_Biology.
Biochemical events between organs should be found in Physiology,
or perhaps Endocrinology.

Submissions on cytobiology of proteins, including receptors and postranslational modification, such as phosphorylation

that are insufficiently specialized for the Proteomics category

For sites where the primary focus is on three dimensional structure, consider Proteins and Enzymes: Structure.

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Submit to this category only if the research spans more that one group of macromolecules.