Asteroids, comets, and meteors are sometimes called "small bodies" of the Solar System. They are chunks of ice, rock, or metal that are small, at least compared to planets. They are related in several ways, so sites with information about all three are common.
Topics for this category include meteors, bolides, fireballs, and airbursts.
Asteroids are smaller than planets, bigger than meteoroids, and they don't have the tail or fuzzy appearance that a comet does. "Minor planet" is a technical term for asteroid.
Comets are like asteroids, but when they are near the sun they release dust or gas. This gives them a tail or makes them look fuzzy.
A meteor is an event, not just an object. It happens when small pebble (a meteoroid) enters our atmosphere and burns up. Any pieces that reach the ground are called meteorites. Meteoroids are distinguished from asteroids by being too small to cause much damage at ground level, if they were to hit the Earth.
Topics for this category include meteors, bolides, fireballs, and airbursts.
Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are asteroids or comets that come relatively close to earth. They are of special interest because of the collision hazard they pose to Earth. Meteors, while certainly close to Earth, are generally not considered NEOs.
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These are ordinary optical observatories, except researchers at these observatories concentrate almost exclusively on asteroids and comets.