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Listing of companies that manufacture observing domes, roll-off roofs and observatory buildings.
Sites in this category will focus on products and services for use in educational programs.

Sites offering online sales to individual consumers belong in Shopping and will not be listed here.

Science classes in schools, colleges, and universities require equipment to teach astronomy, and this category represents companies manufacturing and distributing these items.
This category lists companies that, for a fee, will bring observing equipment (telescopes etc.) to your site, or will let you use their equipment at their own observatory. Examples of their customers include K-12 classes setting up educational astronomical activities, and individuals wishing to liven up their birthday party with a stargazing/star party event. This category does not include organized star parties! These are listed in Science/Astronomy/Amateur/Star_Parties
When making submissions, please use your Company Name for your site''s Title. Inclusion within your site Description of your Brand Name(s), for example, SuperCamera is permitted and helpful for users in searching for your product(s). Your site must be in English.
There is currently no description created for this category.
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