Astronomy is the scientific study of objects and phenomena beyond the earth's atmosphere by means other than visiting them or sending probes. The history of astronomy is the study of the development of astronomy from the earliest written records to somewhere very near the present time. Astrology is not astronomy, but it did play a role in the development of astronomy. Babylonian astrologers' determination of the positions of stars may be found here, their study of the effects of those positions on human affairs will not. The history of the scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence may be found here. UFOs visiting earth will not. This category is not limited to Western astronomy. The written history of other astronomical traditions will be listed here.
History only, astronomy only, please.

Individual astronomers to Science/Astronomy/History/People
or to Science/Astronomy/Personal_Pages

Current astronomy just be submitted to Science/Astronomy.

Send prehistoric (before writing) astronomy to Science/Social_Sciences/Archaeology/Topics/Archaeoastronomy

Please, do not submit astrology webpages, unless directly related to astronomy. And, no UFOs.

Eclipses, occultations and transits are situations where one astronomical body partly or entirely obscures another one.
This is history. Sites about recent events or general sites about these types of event should go in the appropriate subcategory of Science/Astronomy/Eclipses_and_Occultations .
The development of the equipment and devices used by astronomers.
Professional and well-known scientists who have worked in the field of astronomy.

Submissions to this category should relate to professional or well-known historical figures in the field of astronomy.

Living astronomers are found in the Astronomers category.

The Sun and its family.
Major changes in the scientific view of the scale or structure of the universe, paradigm shifts.