Focus is primarily on non-mainstream theories and speculations about geologic history and earth processes.
About the life, work, and theories of Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979), who developed and published a set of theories about earth's history that explained many historical events and events in geologic history as caused by interactions with other planets. The book Worlds in Collision asserted that around 3,500 years ago the planet Venus was ejected from the planet Jupiter as a comet. Comet Venus then started wandering through the solar system. Its gravitational field pushed other planets out of their orbits or changed their rotation. Velikovsky attributed many of the disasters recorded in ancient times to this strange interaction the Earth had with Venus. A psychiatrist by training, Velikovsky did not base his claims on astronomical evidence and scientific inference or argument. Instead, he argued on the basis of ancient cosmological myths from places as disparate as India and China, Greece and Rome, Assyria and Sumer.