This category contains websites concerned with the science and technology of growing plants on an intensive or on a small scale basis, as opposed to the extensive cultivation of arable cultivation. It includes turf science, arboriculture, and nursery science.

Much related material regarding domestic gardens will be found in the related category Home: Gardening.

Submit sites that explains the cultivation of ornamental plants.

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Edible fungi include the common mushrooms, and some other cultivated species. This category is for sites concerned with the practice and science of growing mushrooms and other cultivated and edible fungi.
Websites concerned with scientific aspects of the growing of tree and soft fruit.
This category covers any plant with leaves, seeds, flowers or other parts used for flavouring food, or in medicines or scent.
Resources about growing plants in artificially prepared and maintained nutrient solutions.
Websites concerned with the principles and practices of the cultivation and propagation of ornamental plants.
Submit sites that explains the cultivation of ornamental plants.
For information on plant propagation and further raising of young plants.
This category includes print and electronic books, newsletters, and journals related to horticulture.
Spices are aromatic or pungent vegetable substances used to flavour food. This category is for sites on the commercial-scale cultivation and processing of spices, or the scientific study of spices.
Turfgrass management is the intentional care for low canopies of grass(es), family Poaceae. At the minimum, such care must involve mowing or cutting of leaf blades, usually with mechanical equipment. The possible purposes and benefits of turfgrass management may be recreation, esthetic appearance of the landscape, safety, evaporative cooling, conservation of soil or water, fire protection, and sanitation. If the purpose for caring for a grass canopy is a traditional agricultural product such as (1) feed, (2) fiber, or (3) food, then the appropriate category would be (1) Pastures and Forages, (2) Fiber Crops, or (3) Crops.
This category is for informational sites only. Business sites go elsewhere.
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This category mainly contains sites with information on vegetables that will be of interest to the commercial grower, keen gardener and to those who take an interest in the science of vegetables.
Please submit only sites that contain quality information on vegetables that is largely science based. More general gardening sites dealing with vegetables should be submitted to: Home/Gardens/Plants/Vegetables
This category covers the science and study of the cultivation of grapevines and the production of wine from grapes.