This includes plants in the botanic genus Phaseolus, including the common (French) beans, climbing beans, and kidney beans. It exludes Field Beans (Vicia), and other legumes not in the genus Phaseolus.
Websites connected with the cultivation of the broad bean plant, Vicia faba or Faba sativa. It is also known as field bean.
Websites about the cultivation of Cicer arietanum and related species.
This category is for sites about the agricultural production of the cowpea, also called crowder pea, black-eyed pea and southern pea.
Sites concerning the methods and practices of growing lentils, including all varieties and especially Lens culinaris.


Websites about the cultivation of peas (genus Pisum only).
Peanuts (also called groundnuts outside North America), are an important legume field crop in much of the warmer parts of the world. Botanic name is Arachis hypogea L.