This category contains sites concerned with growing and using worms to improve soil, explaining that process, or offering products or services about such worm farming.
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For suppliers of worms and their products, and equipment for raising worms.
This category is devoted to the practice of vermicomposting (using worms to compost organic matter). Vermicomposting allows you to recycle organic matter into valuable fertilizer called "worm castings". Vermicomposting can be done on a small scale, at or in your home, to convert all your kitchen waste into fertilizer - or can be done on a large municipal scale to divert organic wastes from landfills. Please use the sites in this category to either learn about, or become more familiar with, the topic of vermicomposting. CAUTION: Vermicomposting is addictive - once you start composting with worms, you won't be able to quit! :-D