This category includes web sites that reflect the history and composition of Antarctica. It also includes sites about local social-service resources and institutions. Examples includes sites for clubs, social-service organizations, disability resources, genealogy, history, personal pages, activism, politics, religion, and various sub-groups of the population.
This category is for web sites specifically related to Antarctica.

For web sites related to a wider area, please see the Society and Culture category for the Antarctic region.

Before submitting a site, be sure to read the category description.

Please submit to an appropriate subcategory, if one is available. Otherwise, submit here. Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.
A Personal Homepage is a non-commercial site owned and managed by an individual or a family. Sites relate to or affect mainly private interests, hobbies, ambitions, family, character, motives, or conduct. Pages contain documents, files, articles, experiences or photographs of a personal nature.
Sites submitted to this category should be of Antarctica scope. Pages pertaining mainly to one general-interest topic may be submitted to a topical category instead of Personal Homepages.