Includes sites with non-commercial aviation and flight interests. Sites may include, but not limited to; o Recreational flight schools, pilot training and medical certification. (For schools offering exclusive training of Air Transport Pilots (called ATP's), please redirect submission to the /Education/Vocational_and_Technical category). o Hot Air Balloons, including events, operators, and organisations. o Unpowered and foot-launched aircraft, such as paragliders, hang gliders, ultralights, and soaring. o Model Aviation, including model aircraft clubs, radio controlled, control line and free flight interests. o Skydiving and parachuting, including BASE jumping: Sites may include dropzones, instruction and training, teams, personal pages, and like resources. o Organisations, such as area governing bodies, special interest groups, clubs. Sites such as regional airshows may be listed here, and/or listed in this region's "Arts and Entertainment/Events" category."
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