This category contains Australian national transportation web sites.
Please submit sites to their correct State, Locality and Category. Only Australian national transport sites will be listed at this level.
The Airlines category contains the official sites for commercial airlines Australia wide.
The category is for bus operators, sales, spares, manufacturers and so on in Australia.
This category contains links to state specific car rental firms, as well as listing firms with physical locations in multiple states.
Only car rental sites that have interstate branches or offices throughout Australia can be accepted here.

Please note this means companies that actually have physical vehicles for rent, not booking agents/consolidators.

Booking agents and all others should submit it to the State and/or Locality where the site is based.

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This category contains links to Limousines and Shuttles sites located in Australia.
Please submit all sites to their correct category and locality.
Mass Transit (Public Transport) related sites. Mass Transit is the movement of people in large groups in generally buses, trains or ferries. It is the opposite of individual transport like cars, bicycle and walking. It is generally transport over short distances, such as within cities and towns for journeys to work and school.
Submit only those sites of National (Australia wide) importance. Those that specifically relate to a particular mode ie bus/train etc should appear in the appropriate category.