This category is for health practitioners and organisations with locations in several regions of this state, as well as links to similar sites at other geographic levels. This category is generally broken down into sub-categories. Sites suitable for this category include alternative medicine, assisted living, mental health services, hospitals, clinics, dentistry, physicians, and information sites on conditions and diseases.
Sites which sell medical products should submit to Business and Economy/Shopping/Health Products at the appropriate level.
Most sites should be submitted to a locality. See the list of localities under the name of this state.

Health organisations or companies with multiple offices or locations spanning several regional areas may be accepted at State level.

Compare existing listings for best results.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

1. Site title should match the name of the business of organization or entity.
2. Description should be factual, avoiding promotional language and Unnecessary Capitalization.

This category only contains links to South Australian localities with Health sites.
Please submit all sites to their correct locality (the actual physical location of the property, or of the owner).

Submitting a site at the incorrect level may significantly delay listing of the site.

Information and support services relating to specific conditions that are relevant to the State or Territory.
Please submit only sites that deal with specific conditions and that have relevence to this State or Territory.
For sites about providers of Dental care in more than 1 region of the state, and general information about dentistry within the state.
This category contains links to emergency services sites located in South Australia.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
The Mental Health category provides information about resources that deal with people's emotional and psychological well-being. This category lists sites for mental health advocacy and service organizations, treatment facilities, psychiatrists, psychologists, other professional counselors and therapists, support groups for patients and families, and directories of such resources in South Australia.
Intended for organisation and information sites concerned with mental health in South Australia as a whole.
This category contains links to Occupational Health and Safety sites located in South Australia.
Please submit all sites to their correct locality and category.