Queensland is the Sunshine and Holiday state of Australia, named so from the many popular beach and surf areas along the east coast. The Great Barrier Reef is just off the coast. The state capital is Brisbane.
Please try and find an appropriate sub-category before submitting sites here. Only very general sites, with a range of information about Queensland will be accepted here.
Information about Arts and Entertainment within the state of Queensland. Please see the locality guides for more specific arts information for a city or town.
Please submit all sites to their correct locality and category.
Apart from Queensland-wide commercial umbrella organisations, this category is intended ONLY for businesses that (a) have a physical presence in more than one Queensland region and (b) do not fit into any the business type categories listed. If you do not qualify, submitting here WILL delay your listing. Single-location businesses should submit to their nearest locality, multiple site businesses to the locality or municipality or region that encompasses all branches. Quickest listings are achieved at locality level as it requires less investigation on the part of editors to prove geographical location.
Please note that only educational organisations and establishments that cover more than one Queensland region should submit their site at state level. Local educational establishments should submit their site to the nearest Queensland locality, under an Education sub-category if this exists or at the top level of the locality if it doesn''t. Establishments covering more than one locality may submit to the municipality, those covering more than one municipality to the appropriate Queensland region. Private educational establishments are eligible for listing in Education categories but commercial training organisations should submit their site to an appropriate Business and Economy category.
This category contains links to Queensland State Government parliament, department, agency, program and local government web sites.
This category is intended only for Queensland State Government web sites.
Includes general interest online guides and directories specific to Queensland; those that are specific to a particular topic should instead be placed within the appropriate topic subcategory within the region. Those specific to a particular area should be placed within the appropriate Locality, Municipality or Region.
This category is for Queensland state-wide health services. Services for a particular city or town should be listed within that locality.
No sites will be listed in this category. Please find the appropriate Locality for your site, and submit there.
Localities are a list of the cities and towns of Queensland.
Please select the city or town where your business is located.
A list of the shire and city councils within Queensland.
Sites submitted here should contain information about the shire or more than one township within the Shire.
This category is intended only for Recreation and Sports web sites that cannot be submitted at a locality, municipality or Queensland regional level. Typically this category will contain state-level sports and recreation club governing bodies and information sites about sports and recreational activities that substantially span more than 1 Queensland region. Do not submit your site here if you are a local sports club or activity provider - it will simply delay the review and listing of that site. Find your township or shire/city and submit there.
Queensland government State Development regional split of Queensland. Links to municipalities that are Regional Councils are provided as related categories.
Do not submit at this level. Please select a region, locality or municipality to submit to.
For information about Queensland specific science or environment sites.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
Please submit to this category ONLY as a last resort. It is intended only for umbrella organisations covering all of Queensland and for businesses with multiple sites covering more than one Queensland region. Submitting here inappropriately will delay your listing. Please find your locality and submit there, or in the case of multiple site businesses than span more than one locality, please consider whether all sites fit within a Municipality or Region before coming here. Please note that multiple submissions for the same business, using the same or mirror URLs, will not be accepted and you may risk being blocked altogether.
Includes all weather-related sites for Queensland.
Weather sites for the state of Queensland in Australia.