Australia has produced many children's television shows over the years, including made-for-TV movies and shows like Spellbinder and Girl from Tomorrow, not to mention the ever popular Bananas in Pyjamas.
Children's show featuring the exploits of the title characters, B1 and B2, along with their teddy bear friends and the Rat in the Hat. The series first aired in 1992.
Educational music show for kids that first aired in 1998.
Young occupants of an underwater research facility encounter a strange girl who lives in the ocean and can communicate with a humpback whale she calls "Charley." The show first aired in 1994.
The Twist family moves into an old lighthouse and discovers ghosts and other strange goings-on. The show first aired in 1989.
A science-camp prank results in a boy being knocked into an alternate society similar to medieval times, in which the ruling class of Spellbinders controls the few scientific advancements. The show first aired in 1995.