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Submit only sites for business with multiple Wisconsin locations. Sites for businesses with a single location should be sent to the locality subcat for the city in which the business is located. For example, a site for a dry cleaner in Waterloo should be submitted to:


Agricultural businesses, potentially including vineyards, farm markets, "you pick" farms, livestock auctions, livestock breeders, seed farms, tree farms, commercial nurseries (i.e., producing nursery stock for sale to retailers), turf farms, agricultural equipment suppliers, and similar businesses.
For automotive dealers with locations in more than one Wisconsin locality.
This category is not for online directories or guides, or for sites with information on consultants, ministers, chapels or other wedding facilities, or periodicals. These sites should be submitted to the appropriate linked categories.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Associations are political, educational or charitable entities organized around a specific profession, trade or discipline. This category is for such organizations that has a state-wide scope or welcome members from the entire state.
For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
Please read these guidelines carefully. Failure to comply will delay the listing of your site!

Real estate agents may list one site only, in the locality where their office is physically located, and should not submit at the state level. Brokerages may also list one site at the locality where their office is located, or at a higher level when there are multiple offices in more than one locality. The state level category is only for companies with multiple offices in more than one metro area. Companies will be listed no more than once in any case.

Multiple submissions of the same or an alternate URL can lead to an agent or company being banned from the directory.

If an agent changes offices or a description change is needed, go back one page, click Update URL, and submit the corrected information in that way, not as a new submission.

Format Site Title As Follows
(for an agent site:) Agent Name - Company Name
(for a company site:) Company Name

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Location must be clearly shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. Make sure the submitted title follows the above formatting.
  3. In the description, stick to the facts and avoid promotional language.
  4. Mention no more than three specialty areas. Don''t stuff descriptions with keywords.
  5. Don''t Capitalize Every Word or use ALL CAPS.
Compare existing listings for best results.
Primarily for links to similar categories at other geographic levels, but may also list real estate companies with multiple offices over a broad area of the state.

NOTE: Sites for real estate licensees and brokerages are governed by state real estate commission regulations concerned with advertising. Agents must be identified by name and the brokerage must be identified by the office name shown on its license.
Sites for individual restaurants and bars should be submitted to the most specific subcategory of the proper locality. For example, Bob''s Bucksnort Bar in Milwaukee should be submitted to .
This category contains only sites of statewide interest, such as restaurant guides for the state or its regions, and sites for Wisconsin restaurant companies with multiple locations in the state.
Sites for retail stores (those that have physical stores or showrooms) should be sent to the proper locality category. For example, a retail florist in Oconomowoc should submit its site to


Shopping sites are those that sell products online and do not employ a "bricks and mortar" retail outlet. Payment is accepted online and products are shipped to the purchaser.
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