This category is for sites which are state-wide in scope that provide information which would be relevant to queries concerning West Virginia's tourism and travel resources, including travel guides, travel services, accommodations and attractions.
Submit sites that contain content useful and relevant to people searching for information on West Virginia travel and tourism topics. Sites at this level should be state-wide in scope.

Sites specific to West Virginia counties or localities should be submitted to those categories. Since there are as yet no regional categories for West Virginia, sites that encompass more than one county may be submitted here at the state level.

Attractions are somewhat permanent places and facilities that are of interest to the traveling public. These include amusement parks, theme parks, roadside zoos and similar heavily advertised roadside diversions which tend to be marketed to the general public and cannot be listed in more specific categories elsewhere.
Submit sites to this category that are state-wide in scope and provide information about places or facilities, public or private, that attract visitors on a daily, year-round or seasonal basis. Do not include specific and occasional, staged events which are more appropriately listed under the Arts and Entertainment/Events category. Small, local attractions are to be submitted to the Localities category.
The Lodging category is for sites that provide information relating to temporary accommodations available to the traveling public. Lodging is further sub-categorized under the headings of Bed and Breakfasts, Hostels, Hotels and Motels, Inns, Resorts and Vacation Rentals. Vacation Rentals include cabins, condos, cottages, and homes made available for extended stays.
Submissions to this category are to be sites that are state-wide in scope. Individual lodging sites should be submitted to the appropriate Locality category. Campgrounds and RV parks are not considered to constitute lodging but rather as places to set up portable accommodations and are appropriately listed at Recreation/Outdoors/Camping/ Campgrounds/North America/United States/West Virginia.
Parks are outdoor areas that have been set aside and maintained for the use of the general public for various leisure and recreational purposes. Parks are most often operated by governmental agencies with public funds.
This category is for sites that are state-wide in scope that provide information about parks within the state. County and city parks should be listed under the county and locality categories in the directory and not here. National Park Service units located in West Virginia should be submitted at the Regional/United States level and will be linked from here later.
Travel guides are compilations of information that would be useful to the traveling public.
This category is for sites which are state-wide in scope that provide information about traveling and touring within the state. Individuals providing their services as travel guides are not listed here. Those sites are better listed under Recreation/Outdoors/Guides and Outfitters
Travel services are those types of services that cater to the traveling public specifically rather than incidentally in the course of their traveling. Travel services include the sub-categories of tour operators (such as bus tours) and travel agents.
This category is for sites which are state-wide or regional in scope that provide information about travel services within the state.