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Information submitted must specifically relate to animal welfare for Washington, DC.
Information on the well-being of domestic animals.
Please suggest only sites related to charitable foundations that benefit charities in Washington, DC or the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Mirrors, doorways, redirects or sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

A foundation is an organization that administers donations or legacies used to support charitable institutions.
Please do not submit sites that deal primarily with the history of the Federal Government, Federal agencies or Federal officials located in Washington.
The category covers sites that deal with the local history of Washington, DC, including historic buildings and sites.
Sites that advocate or report on social issues affecting the local area.
This category is for listing sites that concern the make up of the United States military community in Washington DC: its people, and resources and institutions that serve military and former-military personnel and family. This category contains links to sites related to military interest groups, organizations, and personal pages. Sites may include but are not limited to:
  • Veterans groups, organizations and associations
  • Personal pages centered around military life
  • POW-MIA organizations
  • American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Marine Corps League, and similar groups
Please suggest only sites for candidates running for public office in the District of Columbia.

Please consult the submission guidelines when writing titles and descriptions for suggested sites.

Mirrors, doorways and sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

Sites pertaining to the local politics of the District of Columbia and the greater Washington metropolitan area.
Please do not submit sites for churches and other organizations located outside of Washington, D.C. here. Please submit them to the locality in which they are located.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Web sites that deal with a specific topical category are placed with that topic. For example, sites about children''s education or health go under Education or Health, respectively.
Category includes web sites on infants, children, teens, parenting, and family/child issues that are specific to Washington, DC or its metro area.
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