Please suggest sites here for Retail businesses selling consumer items, that have a substantial local presence (for example, as an employer) in Brattleboro, Vermont. Businesses that offer sales online or by phone/mail only to customers in a limited geographic area (example: online grocery delivery services) may be suggested here. Sites with multiple locations or offering online sales at a national level should be suggested to the one most appropriate category in Shopping. Business that offer specialized items for sale such as machinery, vehicles, construction materials, etc, should be suggested to their specific industry category.

Suggest sites here that are relevant to Brattleboro, Vermont and that are retail businesses selling consumer items, that have a substantial local presence (for example, as an employer). If your site is for a business or organization that has multiple locations, please select the best County or Region category.

In General:
Sites listed here will be about the specific locality and its vicinity. This includes entities with a "brick and mortar" operation in the locality, and/or where the operational area has significance only to the locality and its vicinity.

To include retailers selling only or mostly clothing, including stores specializing in certain items such as hats and footwear as well as those renting clothing for special occasions.
Lists local florists, gift shops, card stores, and other retailers selling items intended as gifts. Also see the Jewelry sub-category.
Sites listed here may include those for butchers, grocery stores, food markets, or other businesses selling food for off-premises preparation and consumption.
Retailers of jewelry who are based in this location and have a walk-in premises where they sell to the public. This can include retailers of precious, costume and ethnic jewelry.
Includes retailers of music and music-related products, including recordings, instruments and equipment.