The items in the Localities category are meant to provide a way for people searching for web links related to a specific location in the state of Utah. All new sub-categories should be placed into one of the letters of the alphabet. There are several hundred city, town, township, and neighborhood distinctions in Utah, and listing them all would get confusing if they were listed as one huge list. If you know what county the community is located in, it may be easier to look in the counties category first. All communities and counties have been cross-linked to make finding the information you are looking for easier to find. If there are some links you want to add, please feel free to suggest them. If you want to know why your hometown isn't listed, please drop the editors a note, or better yet, become an editor of the open directory project. There are so many communities in Utah that one editor can't simply keep up, so we need your help! Even if you are already an editor, please adopt your hometown. Or find a small rural town to adopt and become the editor of that category.