Utah, a sparsely populated western state, is known for its national parks and outdoor recreation activities such as skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, and mountain climbing. Boaters enjoy Lake Powell, formed by the Glen Canyon Dam, with more shoreline than the Pacific coast of the United States. The largest city is Salt Lake City, named for the Great Salt Lake, an evaporative lake several times saltier than the ocean. Utah was settled in the 1800s by people following a religious leader, Joseph Smith, and even today most of the state's residents are members of his Mormon faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
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Utah counties are not only political organizations but are also defined, in most cases, by physical geographic features. The most common way Utah counties are separated is by mountain ridges, although other features are sometimes used. This separation also tends to isolate groups of communities along religious, ethnic, and social groups which are similar in the same mountain valley but quite different from one valley to the next. In the more rural counties the lines between counties tend to be more arbitrary, but still have some distinction from one county to the next, especially as the school districts also tend to be organized by counties as well. It is important to note, however, that incorporated areas do not have to exist within one county. A noted exception is the community of Draper, Utah which exists in both Salt Lake County as well as a small portion in Utah County. Incorporated municipalities are viewed, in the eyes of the state government, more as co-equals with counties rather than subordinate to them. This line can be blurred, however, considering many smaller communities in rural Utah tend to contract out municipal services to the county governments, resulting in police, sewer, and fire services being run by the county government even within formally incorporated areas. If you can't find what you are looking for in a community you are searching, it is suggested that you look in the Localities sub-category of the county for neighboring communities which may have more of what you are looking for. Each of the counties has been cross-linked with all of the communities in them as well as each community cross-linked to each county they are inside.

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Utah weather information, including current conditions, forecasts, satellite and radar weather maps, pollen counts, avalanche and flash flood warnings, and severe weather watches.
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