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Saginaw is a city located in Tarrant county in north central Texas.
Please submit sites relating to or residing within Saginaw, Texas.
Category for sites about the lake, businesses and organizations located on the shores of the lake, or services directly related to activities on the lake.
Sites must be specific for this lake. If there is a community(locality) on the shores of the lake, sites specific to that community should be submitted to the proper community category.
This category is intended to include all weather-related sites for Santa Anna, Texas.
Small city in Guadalupe County.
Listings within this category should include those which pertain to San Benito or the San Benito community, as a whole. Specific listings should be found in the specific subcategories.
Please note: Submit all political websites to the Society and Culture category.
San Marcos, Texas is the seat of Hays County. Located within the Austin–San Marcos metropolitan area, the city is located on the Interstate 35 corridor, between Austin and San Antonio. Founded on the banks of the San Marcos River, the area is considered to be among the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the Northern Hemisphere. San Marcos is home to Texas State University, and the Aquarena Center. Archeologists have evidence which suggests that the river has been the site of human habitation for more than 10,000 years. The headwaters of the San Marcos River are found in the middle of the city, and the springs, fed by the Edwards Aquifer are the second largest collection of springs in Texas. Never in human history has the river run dry.

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Includes sites covering the business and economic activities of Seguin, Texas, including listings of companies and industries.
This category is intended to list sites covering the business and economic activities of Seymour, Texas; including listings of companies and industries located in Seymour. Please do not list companies who are not physically located in Seymour.
Sheldon is on U.S. Highway 90 and the Texas and New Orleans Railroad, east of Sheldon Reservoir and Wildlife Management Area seventeen miles northeast of Houston in northeastern Harris County.
South Padre Island, located at the southern tropical tip of Texas, at the Gulf of Mexico, features 34 miles of sand dunes, clear waters, and beaches. It is also a coastal resort town active year-round with recreation, entertainment and one of the most outstanding wild life in its area.
Submit your page in this ( main category ) only if it covers several aspects of the island and provides high informative content. Thank you.
"...on Farm Road 95 and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, eleven miles southeast of Belton in southeastern Bell County."
Sugar Land Texas is a city with the right mix of business, commercial and residential ingredients. The City of Sugar Land -- located 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston -- is one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States. The Imperial Sugar Company was founded here in 1905, giving the city its name.
"Surfside Beach, also known as Surfside and Follett's Island, at the mouth of the Brazos River on the Gulf of Mexico in southeastern Brazoria County, encompasses the site of old Velasco... Surfside Beach was incorporated in 1975 under the name Surfside but was renamed Surfside Beach in 1988."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Surfside Beach, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Brazoria.
"Sutherland Springs is twenty miles east of San Antonio in northern Wilson County... The settlement by 1860 had a diverse population employed in agriculture, wagon trade along the Goliad Trace and Chihuahua Road that intersected in town, and a steady tourist enterprise focusing on the sulphur springs nearby... Livestock became important, and many families trailed cattle to Mexico or Kansas... The Sutherland Springs Development Corporation, surveyed New Sutherland Springs in 1910, and most businesses in the old town moved to the new site. Patrons from all over the United States and several foreign countries regularly visited the "Saratoga of the South," staying at the fifty-two-room Hotel Sutherland... A disastrous flood in October 1913 destroyed the pools and bathing pavilions, and although Thomas Williams purchased and rebuilt much of the resort, tourism never recovered."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Wilson category.
"Sweeny, also known as Adamston, is southwest of Angleton in west central Brazoria County. Imla Keep, a doctor and one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists, received title to a league and labor of land that included the site of Sweeny... The town was named for the family of John Sweeny, who arrived from Tennessee with family members and 250 slaves in 1833... Sweeny benefitted from the development of the Old Ocean oilfield, discovered in 1934... Phillips Petroleum purchased the government carbon black plant built at Sweeny in 1942 and local facilities for making aviation gasoline. It subsequently developed these facilities into a refinery, natural gas liquids center, and petrochemicals complex with pipelines to markets east of the Mississippi."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Sweeny, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Brazoria.
"Sweetwater, the county seat of Nolan County is forty-two miles west of Abilene in the north central part of the county. The post office at the site was first known as Blue Goose, supposedly because some local cowboys killed a great blue heron under the impression that it was a variety of goose. The town was renamed for Sweetwater Creek."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Sweetwater, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Nolan.
"Sweet Home is south of Mustang Creek in west Lavaca County. It was named when the first settlers found the conditions there ideal for home life... Around 1873 Czechs and Germans began to move into the community. In 1887, the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway built five miles south of the town, ... and by 1890 the new community of Sweet Home had six stores."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Sweet Home, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Lavaca. Note: There was formerly a Sweet Home, in Guadalupe County, near Seguin. Please submit sites dealing with that community to Counties:Guadalupe.
"Sylvester, at the junction of Farm roads 57 and 1085, ten miles southeast of Roby in east central Fisher County, was laid out in 1903 by the Compere brothers of Abilene. The Comperes bought part of the AJ Ranch for a new town on the survey of the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway and named it for W. W. Sylvester, promotion manager of the railroad."
Submit sites having to do with the town of Sylvester, Texas. If the site is of broader interest, consider submitting it to the Counties:Fisher. Note: There was formerly a Sylvester, or Sylvester Springs, in Trinity County, near the present Groveton. Please submit sites dealing with that community to Counties:Trinity.