This is a listing of Houston, Texas websites dealing with the law or legal issues, including attorney websites.
Please submit your site to the most specific category possible. If your firm has more than one area of practice, please submit to the "General Practice" category.
This category is for Bankruptcy legal services in Houston, TX.
This category is for lawyers practicing Business and Corporate law.
This is only a collection of links for those seeking representation for criminal defense. No representation is made as to the quality of the representation that any firm may provide.

This category contains sites for Criminal Defense attorneys in the Houston area.
This category is for lawyers and law firms practicing Estate Planning and Probate law in Houston, TX.
Expert witnesses are specialists in their respective fields that provide advice and assistance to attorneys.

Consulting with an expert witness is something best left to your attorney. There are many aspects of trial that only a qualified attorney should deal with and the selection of an appropriate expert for your case is one of them.

An expert witness generally has extensive experience in a particular subject, may be published in technical or professional journals, may have certain degrees, memberships or other qualifications. An expert witness is not an advocate for one side or another, they are independent of the attorney. Unlike any other witnesses, experts can present their opinions to the court.

This category is for expert witnesses in Houston, TX.
Lawyers or Law Firms that practice Family Law ONLY.
General practice firms have, as their primary focus, the service of the legal needs of individuals, and the basic needs of small businesses. Firms that offer a mixture of representation should classify themselves as "General Practice".
This category is for attorneys specializing in Immigration and Naturalization law in Houston, TX.
This category contains sites for law firms specializing in labor and employment law.
This category contains sites for law suits who primarily handle malpractice cases and whose offices are located in Houston, TX.
Personal injury attorneys represent individuals, and sometimes groups of individuals, who have been injured through the wrongful acts or negligence of others, or defend people or organizations who have been sued for allegedly causing injuries.

This category lists personal injury attorneys and firms in Houston.
This category is for Houston based law offices dealing with real estate and property law issues, such as land use, zoning, transactions, and related matters.