This category lists companies, individuals, and other entities engaged in providing computers and computer-related goods and services in Houston, Texas. Local computer organizations sometimes offer a wide range of services. It is not uncommon to find organizations that offer services in several of the subcategories described. Most organizations, however, focus their marketing efforts in one of three areas, equipment (sales and service), applications (software), or advice (consulting). When an organization provides goods and/or services in multiple categories, an effort is made to determine the primary focus of the business based on the content and the design of their website.
Please submit here only if your organization offers goods or services in Houston, Texas and maintain a local office with a Houston address.

Please decide on the single most appropriate regional category and enter a single submission there. Multiple submissions may unnecessarily delay your listing.

Organizations that use computers to provide services rather than provide services for computers should submit to an industry-appropriate category.

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Regional: North America: United States: Texas: Localities: H: Houston: Business and Companies: Internet: Access Providers:
A computer consultant is any person, presumably an expert, upon whom other people rely for information and advice about computer-related products and/or services. Consulting services are typically offered by information technology, networking and security businesses so these types of organizations should be included in this subcategory. Any organization that primarily markets technology expertise should be listed here.
Organizations that use their consulting services to sell their own hardware and software solutions should be submitted to the Sales and Service or Software subcategories.
Organizations that teach people how to use, repair, or create computer software and hardware are listed here. Additionally, organizations which offer certification testing services are included in this subcategory.
Manufacturers of computers,computer components or peripherals.
Organizations creating video, audio, and other media presentations for display on computers.
Organizations creating media specifically for display via the Internet should submit to Regional: North America: United States: Texas: Localities: H: Houston: Business and Economy: Internet
This category lists local computer and Internet organizations operated to benefit the public and not engaged in commercial enterprise. Such organizations include: computer user groups which are formed among people to associate with others of similar interest; non-profits devoted to local advocacy of a particular computer or Internet technology; and groups working to influence society or the government regarding computers and the Internet.
Commercial sites should be submitted under Business_and_Economy:Computers or Business_and_Economy:Internet.
Organizations which provide computer hardware, boxed software, and operating systems, peripherals, and components should be listed here. Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer system: the machinery and equipment. Computer service encompasses both repair and maintenance. Repair is the process of restoring a computer to sound operating condition after a failure. Computer repair can involve the replacement of defective hardware or reconfiguration of operating systems and software. Computer maintenance is any procedure designed to keep the computer operating well over time. Wholesalers, retailers, distributors, rental agencies and buyers of computer equipment and software should be listed here.
Companies which primarily provide computer supplies like ink and toner, printer paper, and storage media should be listed in Regional: North America: United States: Texas: Localities: H: Houston: Business and Economy: Shopping: Office Products.
Computer software is the programs, routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of computer systems. Software includes machine language compilers, operating systems, applications, databases, and simple program macros and functions. Organizations offering database development and application development and/or custom programming are included in this category.
Please note that Web Designers and other Internet-specific software development entities should submit a listing under an appropriate regional Internet category.