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This category is for companies specializing in advertising and promotional services. This category is NOT for advertising your products.
Breeders, Kennels, livestock, pets, shelters, and veterinary services.
Business websites must have an address in Houston, TX to be considered for a listing in this Regional category.
This category contains sites for car and truck dealers, automotive parts, repairs, and service.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

This category is for the listing of personal services such as salons, spas, tanning facilities, manicurists, and other body decoration services such as tattooing and piercing.
The Business Services category lists sites that provide professional and administrative support services to a variety of businesses and organizations. In some cases, these companies also provide services to consumers, but providing services to other enterprises is their main focus.
This category is for online classified ads for the Houston, Texas area.
This category lists web sites for telecommunications, multimedia, communication equipment, sales and services
Please submit here only if your organization offers goods or services in Houston, Texas and maintain a local office with a Houston address.

Please decide on the single most appropriate regional category and enter a single submission there. Multiple submissions may unnecessarily delay your listing.

Organizations that use computers to provide services rather than provide services for computers should submit to an industry-appropriate category.

more information (editors only)

This category lists companies, individuals, and other entities engaged in providing computers and computer-related goods and services in Houston, Texas. Local computer organizations sometimes offer a wide range of services. It is not uncommon to find organizations that offer services in several of the subcategories described. Most organizations, however, focus their marketing efforts in one of three areas, equipment (sales and service), applications (software), or advice (consulting). When an organization provides goods and/or services in multiple categories, an effort is made to determine the primary focus of the business based on the content and the design of their website.
Please submit union locals to Society and Culture instead. Sites relating to interior design, landscaping, pool and spa installation, and pest management are not listed here, but are listed instead under Home and Garden. Real estate developers are listed under Real Estate.

more information (editors only)

Topics include architects, builders, janitorial services, and specialists in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.
Please submit only business and economy sites here. For more general directories and guides dealing with Houston submit to: Houston : Guides and Directories.
This category is for online business directories, guides and other forms of organized data pertaining to the Houston, Texas area business and economy.
List of sites for Houston area employment agencies, opportunities, help wanted ads, and area employment resources.
Houston, TX businesses that offer video production services, including filming, editing, sound effects, video duplication, and transfer from tape to CD.
This category list websites for services and resources for planning weddings, birthdays and special events in the Houston, Texas area.
This is a listing of Houston, Texas area websites for the banking, insurance and securities industries.
This category does not include sites about home repairs. Those sites are found under Construction_and_Maintenance. It also does not include sites for retail sellers of furniture, which are found under Shopping:Furniture.
This category is for regional businesses and economic activity related to products and services intended for the home and garden. Examples of products include sellers of plants, swimming pools, and windows. Examples of services include suppliers of water softeners, interior design, lawn maintenance, pest control, and house-sitting.
This is a listing of Houston websites about service and manufacturing industries, companies, or individual businesses related to industry of this area.
Please submit your site to the most specific category possible. If your firm has more than one area of practice, please submit to the "General Practice" category.
This is a listing of Houston, Texas websites dealing with the law or legal issues, including attorney websites.
This category list web sites pertaining to petrochemical companies and services located in Houston, Texas.
Includes links to sites for or about businesses or individuals offering personal services in the region. Sites might include personal chefs, personal valets, errand runners, and baby sitters.
This category is for printing businesses located in Houston, TX.


Sites Will Be Listed Once - Please submit the site to the town where the office is located. If site revisions necessitate a description change go back and use the update flag link.

For best results, The DMOZ Real Estate Guidelines offer:
  • Instructions on properly formatting a submission to this category
  • The criteria that determine which sites qualify for inclusion

This category contains local real estate websites... primarily agents, brokers, appraisers, developers, inspectors, title services, lease properties, and guides with useful real estate related resources.

NOTE: The Texas Real Estate Commission requires licensees to identify themselves (Broker, Agent, REALTORĀ®, etc) and their sponsoring broker/office.

Please submit dance clubs and live music venues to "Clubs and Venues". Athletic clubs (focusing on sports such as golf or tennis) should go to "Recreation and Sports"; fitness clubs should go to "Fitness". Private clubs, town or country, should be submitted under "Society and Culture". Please only include entities located in the city of Houston.
This category contains sites for restaurants, bars, clubs, and pubs in Houston, TX.
This category is for the listing of sites dealing specifically with the transportation industry and the transport of goods. Sites suitable for this category include ports, trucking lines, and cargo carriers.
Please note that this category does not contain sites of businesses without storefronts. Those businesses are listed instead in the Online Shopping section of the directory.
Includes a listing of websites about retail shopping, supermarkets, food services, and commerce sites located in Houston, Texas.
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